Brute Force Refund Policy

As noted on the order page: "There is no small print...
You can quit Any Time... There are No Refunds."

You have the opportunity to cancel your subscription at ANY time prior to your trial period ending, or at any time before an active subscription renews.

There are no refunds for any subscription orders or renewals - make sure you test the program and membership during your trial period.

The reason for this policy is that a very small percentage of people decided not to honour the agreement they entered into when accepting our offer of a fully functioning $1 trial, then used the product and decided to go back on the agreement they entered into.

Here's the problem: It is impossible for us to refund subscriptions as the affiliate who referred you was paid instantly when your payment was received.

That's why we have instituted such generous trial periods for all our sensational products - to give you lots of time to make the decision to continue this agreement and your membership or not.

We will commit 100% to this agreement and expect the same from our customers.

Thank you for your understanding!